How Do You Keep Birds Out Of Hanging Plants?

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1 Answer

To bird watchers, birds are amazing, colorful, wonderful creatures. To gardeners, botanists and plant enthusiasts, they can be annoying, interfering, plant-wrecking pests. Hanging baskets, in particular, seem to be exceptionally attractive to young bird couples searching for a nest. From their perspective, basketed plants offer a semi- sheltered, easy access bit of camouflage with great views of the surrounding turf. The next time you spot a pigeon curling up for a nap in your basket of begonias, don't just shoo him away. He'll simply wait for you to turn your head and fly right back to your foliage. You need to be a bit more proactive to get rid of birds. Use scare tactics. Natural instincts will keep birds away from their enemies. Place a decorative owl or fake snake near your plants to scare them away or attach some rubber lizards to the wires of your hanging baskets. Alternatively, a length of garden hose can be arranged, serpentine fashion or coiled, near the plants for a snake- ... more
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