How Do You Keep Couch Cushions In Place?

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1 Answer

The couch: beloved by all, abused by many. The list of things that find their way onto the couch is a very long list indeed: children, bags, feet, shoes, and on and on. Keeping the couch cushions clean is often a difficult task, but all couch cushion maintenance not need be so complicated. Keeping couch cushions in their place is as simple as cutting non-slip drawer liner and placing it between the cushion and the couch frame. Remove the couch cushions. Cut two strips of non-slip, rubber drawer liner to the length of the couch frame where the cushions are situated. Use a drawer liner that comes as a roll for the easiest application. Place one strip onto the couch frame near the back of the couch, under the crack between the cushions and the couch back "crack." Place the second strip near the front edge of the couch frame, under where the couch cushion front edges will be. Replace the couch cushions. The non-slip, rubber grips the couch cushion fabric and keeps the cushions from ... more
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