How Do You Keep Rabbits From Eating Pepper Plants?

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Animal intruders, such as rabbits, invade your garden and damage pepper plants including jalapenos and bell peppers. The rabbit's front teeth, in particular, are sharp and make deep indentations in leaves and chillies as it nibbles through the growth. Fortunately, you have the option to use a variety of natural tactics to keep rabbits from eating your pepper crops. This way, you do not kill the animal or harm your plants in the process. Drop dog hair or human hair around your pepper plants to scare rabbits with the scent. Rabbits are very sensitive to odors and leave when they sense a predator. Install poultry wire around your peppers and make sure that it is high enough to block the tallest part of the plant so that it is effective. The small openings in this type of wire make it impossible for rabbits to through. Make sure the poultry wire is buried a few inches in the ground to ensure that it is fastened tightly. Spread a repellent, such as crushed limestone or dried blood meal, ... more
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