How Do You Keep Snow Off A Satellite Dish?

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1 Answer

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep sno and ice from building up onto a satellite dish, especially during snow and hard winters. My husband and I have used this trick for years to keep the ice and snow off our satellite dish. Be sure to bundle up! Take a broom with you and remove any snow and ice from your satellite dish. Be absolutely sure that there is no ice left on the dish. From no more than 2 feet away, spray at lease a 1/8" coating of any non-stick cooking spray onto the dish itself, covering liberally. This will drip down and that is fine. Enough of it will stick to the dish to work. This trick is used by the emergency communications center in Northern Colorado after my husband showed them how. They kept losing signals when their satellite dishes iced over! I would reapply a new coating monthly just for good measure. The non-stick cooking spray will not freeze. more
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