How Do You Keep Top-Heavy Rings Upright On Finger?

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1 Answer

My knuckles are large and rings always slide around between fingers and the large rings are so top heavy!!!! This trick works wonders. Clean the part of the band that you'll apply the glue to with alcohol and a cotton swab. Let it air dry. Spread some Goop about one inch long on the finger side of the band. Use a toothpick or chop stick or screw driver to 'dab' it along, letting it hang over the band' s sides a bit. Make the layer only 2 mm's thick. When the glue has been setting a short while, wet a finger to smooth it out on the sides of the band and on the finger side if you want. It stays flexible when dry. This is the hardest part. Let it set for at least 2 days before trying it on. The glue must set good and dry. It stays rubber-like so won't hurt your finger at all, but keeps sliding to a minimum. more
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