How Do You Kill Bees Using Sevin Dust?

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While a vital component of the human existence by acting as pollinators for crops and providers of sustenance with honey, bees at times can be dangerous pests that need to be eradicated. Fortunately their relatively docile manner makes it easy to kill honey bees using Sevin dust insecticide. By taking advantage of bees' behavior and natural daily cycle of life, you can kill an entire bee colony easily and without being stung. Poison dust efficiently and rapidly kills bees by clinging to all bees in the vicinity as the fine particles flow deep into cracks and crevices where hives are located. Don a bee-proof outfit to avoid being stung. Dress in a long sleeve t-shirt and pants with tennis shoes or boots. Wrap the duct tape around the hems of the pants and your shoes or boots. Wrap several times around the ankle area to create a seal that bees will not be able to get under. Tuck the long-sleeve shirt into the pants. Put on a jacket. Put on the gloves and tape around the wrists with ... more
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