How Do You Kill Moss On Lawn Naturally?

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1 Answer

Kill moss on the lawn naturally by removing the moss with a rake and by creating an environment that will support the growth of grass and discourage the growth of moss. Moss is a group of primitive, nonvascular plants that lack complex structure and root systems. Moss will take advantage of shady, moist areas on a lawn that are devoid of grass. Rake the moss area energetically with a metal rake. Due to its thin, shallow root systems, moss removal is easier than that of other lawn weeds. Prevent the regrowth of moss by thoroughly seeding the area with grass. Place 1/4 inch of clean soil over the seeded area. Water regularly for the first week. Spread lawn lime over areas of your lawn that are susceptible to moss. Lawn lime is a long-term preventive technique that will boost the topsoil's PH to levels that are beneficial to grass and harmful to the growth of moss. Aerate the topsoil regularly. Puncture small, 1/4 inch holes throughout the lawn at intervals of 1 to 2 feet. Aeration ... more
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