How Do You Know If Scabies Is Gone?

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Scabies is a skin infection caused by mites that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. Most people will notice they have a rash around the wrists, fingers or private areas. This infection is extremely contagious and transferred easily through skin-to-skin contact. Environments where people live in close proximity, such as dorms, nursing homes and prisons, are more susceptible to these outbreaks. Although scabies is relatively easy to treat, sometimes it takes more than one course of medication. Examine your skin carefully. After treating scabies, be aware of itchiness that gets worse in the evening or after taking a warm shower. If your scabies isn't gone, these symptoms will reoccur, accompanied by blisters and bumps in the affected area. Treat your skin for one week. People infected with scabies often worry that treatment methods aren't working. But treatment methods often take a week to be effective. Repeat the course of treatment. If symptoms haven't subsided in a week, you'll need ... more
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