How Do You Know What To Take, Offshore Oil Rig Jobs?

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If you have just been hired for an offshore oil rig job and are wondering what to take along here are some tips. Pack your safety gear first. For your offshore oil rig job that you have just been hired for you will need to have all of the safety equipment that you will be wearing offshore. Your employer may give you a voucher to buy steel toe boots paid for by them. They will usually provide you with a hard hat, gloves and safety glasses and ear plugs. In some cases you may get a heavy offshore duffel bag for your gear, in other cases you will have to buy one. Choose a duffel bag that is approximately three feet long by two feet high. Any longer and it may not fit on the storage space of the crew boat or helicopter. It should be made of heavy rubberized vinyl to prevent contents from getting wet. Weather on offshore oil rigs can be highly variable so bring cold and hot weather gear, heavy socks, etc. Bring all medications you need. If you are taking prescription medications you will ... more
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