How Do You Know When To Write A Congratulations Note (Letter)?

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1 Answer

Knowing when to write a congratulations note is important. I have listed a few examples of when to send a congratulations letter. You can write a congratulations letter for a new baby. This is a big deal for new parents. Don't forget to let them know how happy you are for them. (Don't forget the "old" parents, the second and third child are just as important) Write a congratulations note for someone who has been promoted or gotten a new job. Letting someone know how happy you are for the new promotion is nice gesture. It is encouraging when you have someone supporting you. Write one for someone who has just purchased their first home. Buying a new home is a big deal. Don't forget to send a little gift for the new house. Example: A Lowes Gift Card Write one to your child for a big achievement or good grades. This will let them know how important to you and how much it means to you that they did so well. Let your big kid know your proud of them when they get accepted to a college. This ... more
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