How Do You Learn The Tarantella- Italian Dance?

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1 Answer

The traditional Italian Tarantella dance is said to have originated between the 15th and 17th centuries. The beginning of the dance is related to a disease called tarantism. Tarantism is a hysterical state in which victims bitten by tarantulas convulse and dance for lengthy periods of time. They must dance in order to sweat the poison out. Today, the tarantella is danced in many traditional Italian weddings and parties. Over the centuries, many pieces of instrumental music have been written in honor of the dance, and it has been featured in films such as "The Godfather." Learning how perform it can come from books, personal instruction or videos. Watch a video of the tarantella performed. (You can easily find videos of the tarantella dance online. Type "Tarantella videos" into any search engine, and the top choices will come up. Watch a tarantella performance live. If you desire (after watching a video) to see the tarantella live, you can search again online for "tarantella ... more
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