How Do You Light A Pilot Light On A Ventless Gas Fireplace?

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1 Answer

A gas log fireplace is an attractive and effective heat source during the cool months. It's easy to get started, if the gas has been shut off for the summer. Most of the newer ventless gas log fireplaces have push-button piezo igniters, although some of the older models have no igniter at all. As the days start to shorten and grow cooler in the autumn, you'll want to become familiar with how to ignite the pilot light on your fireplace. Clean the fireplace and clear away all flammable materials. Visually inspect your fireplace and gas lines for any cracks or damage. If all is well, open the valve(s) that supply gas to the fireplace. Turn off (clockwise) the Hi-Lo setting for your gas fireplace (some models have a separate dial for that purpose). Turn the pilot dial counterclockwise from "Off" to the "Pilot" setting. Press the dial in and hold. Press the piezo igniter button (it will click). Look for the pilot flame to ignite. If it doesn't, repeat pressing the piezo igniter until you ... more
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