How Do You Light A Propane Furnace?

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1 Answer

Propane furnaces can be one of the more cost-effective and more efficient methods of heating a home or camper. While propane furnaces are easy to maintain, they have certain steps and guidelines that must be used when lighting them. LP gas, or liquid propane, is highly combustible and can explode if an open air flow meets a sudden burst of gas. For this reason, proper cleaning and safety measures must be used when lighting a propane furnace. With this in mind, here is how to safely light a propane furnace. Locate the valve control on the furnace. For wall furnaces, this should be a round knob on top. For floor furnaces, this is the round knob at the bottom of the furnace. The controls will be marked with "Off," "Pilot," "On" and possibly different heating levels numbering up to 5. Turn the valve control to the "Off" position. Wait three to five minutes for any gas fumes to safely dissipate. Check to make sure nothing is obstructing the pilot light assembly. If you need to, clean the ... more
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