How Do You Load A Garvey Pricing Gun?

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1 Answer

Garvey Products, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of retail supplies including label makers and pricing guns. These supplies are used in grocery stores and retail outlets around the world to make printing and applying price labels fast and easy. Garvey pricing guns do, however, require routine replenishment of both labels and ink. Follow these instructions to remove spent ink cartridges and install fresh ink cartridges and label rolls. Look at the side of the pricing gun with the trigger. On the plastic body, you will see the outline of a hatch. On each side of this hatch, you will see a black button with an arrow on it. Pull both plastic buttons at the same time in the direction of the arrows to open the hatch. Pull the hatch the rest of the way open. Drop in the roll of labels so that the loose end can be pulled toward the open side of the hatch. Pull out the roll until about 10 labels are all the way out of the compartment, then close the hatch until it latches. Slip the loose end ... more
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