How Do You Load A M16 Rifle?

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1 Answer

The M16 rifle has been in use by the United States military since the Vietnam War. It has been the trusty, or rusty, savior of many an infantryman. The proper care and feeding of your M16 rifle begins with the loading procedure. The following steps will help you take care of your rifle so she will give you years of dependable service. Read on to learn how to load a M16 rifle. Point your rifle in a safe direction. This should always be a concern when handling a weapon. Even if you think a weapon is unloaded, you should only point it away from people. Cock your weapon. Pull the charging handle all the way back and hold it. With the charging handle back, turn the weapon on its side and look into the firing chamber. Make sure there are no bullets caught in the chamber. If there are, they can cause an explosion when you put the fresh bullets in. Ride the bolt forward. Slowly, keeping pressure on the charging spring, return the bolt to the forward position. Letting the bolt slam forward, ... more
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