How Do You Look For A Nursery That Sells The Circus Rose Bush?

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1 Answer

Garden nurseries contain plants and flowers of all types. Due to their rarity, some plant and flower species can be difficult to find at a hardware store or neighborhood nursery. The circus rose bush is one of those shrubs. Because of its versatility and adaptation to various climate zones, it is a pleasant attraction in a home garden or landscaped area. Online research is a good way to find rare plants and shrubs that may not have found their way to your neighborhood. Search for a nursery that specializes in roses. Find a rose-producing nursery that has a greenhouse and offers roses for sale. Some nurseries do not have all of their merchandise on the shelves, and additional variations can be found in the greenhouse. Specialty nurseries that offer perennials in addition to annuals are more likely to carry the circus rose bush. Visit www.rarefindnursery.com. This mail-order site allows registration and research through the menu along the left hand side of the page. Type "circus rose," ... more
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