How Do You Lubricate Single Handle Moen Faucets?

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1 Answer

Your Moen single-handle push-pull faucet may become difficult to push down and pull up if the cartridge inside the faucet has lost its lubrication. Hard-water mineral deposits may be a factor, but you can clean away any deposits while lubricating the faucet. To make operating the faucet easier, just disassemble the faucet and lubricate the cartridge. Since your Moen single-handle faucet has few inner parts, this is an uncomplicated process. Using a screwdriver, pry off the Moen faucet handle's decorative cap. The cap is a flat piece with a design on it. This will expose the handle retaining screw. Loosen this screw and lift the handle off of the faucet. If the screw is stripped out and cannot be removed, remove the screw with a power drill. If that fails, break off the handle and buy a replacement handle. If you are lubricating a shower faucet, it will have a round metal escutcheon plate behind the handle. Remove the screws in the escutcheon plate and pull off the plate. Sink faucets ... more
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