How Do You Make 1 Minute Vanilla Frosting?

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1 Answer

Yes, now you can have buttercream frosting anytime you want with just 3 basic ingredients. It couldn't be any easier to make, and boy is it delicious! Get all ingredients ready and set on a clean counter. My secret to fast frosting is margarine from a tub or whipped butter. (I use Country Crock and it always turns out wonderful) Get a large bowl and a spatula or spoon for stirring. Start with a cup of margarine (or soft whipped butter spread) Add a half teaspoon of good vanilla extract. Slowly pour some of the powdered sugar from the box and gradually mix to the bowl. Add more powdered sugar until you have the texture you prefer. Refrigerate frosting until ready for use. Spread on cupcakes, cake or your favorite cookie recipe.This is my all time favorite frosting recipe. It is so much better than out of the can and just as fast. Don't forget to add the sprinkles! more
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