How Do You Make A 3D Honey Bee Model?

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1 Answer

Honeybees are social insects vital to the health of many plants and ecosystems. They pollinate flowers as they move from one to the other gathering nectar. This pollination allows the plants to create seeds and reproduce. Honeybees are similar to all insects in their anatomy. They have six legs, a three-part body, compound eyes, antennae, jointed legs and a hard exoskeleton. You can make a simple model with clay and a few other craft items. Roll a small ball of yellow or orange clay that fits easily into the palm of your hand to create the head. Squeeze the ball gently between your hands to create an oval shape. Press the ball gently onto a flat surface on one side of the oval. Repeat on the opposite side to create a slightly pointed shape at one end of the head. This will be the front of the bee's head. Roll two small balls of black or brown clay. These are the compound eyes and should be small enough to place on the head. Press them into either side of the head directly across from ... more
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