How Do You Make A Baseball Cap Cake?

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1 Answer

Make a baseball cap cake for a birthday party or team event. The main part of the hat is made up of cake. Use any flavor of cake and any type of mix. Use any type of icing, butter cream or royal. Butter cream needs refrigeration, so if the cake has to be outside for a long period, use royal icing. When icing the cake, put the icing in the refrigerator if it becomes sticky. Make the cake batter. Preheat the oven to the settings stated in the recipe. Spray the dome pan. Pour the batter inside. Bake. Remove the baked cake. Let it sit for two minutes. Flip it over onto the cooling rack to remove the cake. Let the cake cool completely. Icing melts and sticks to the cake if the cake is warm. Cut out a brim shape from the piece of cardboard. Cover it with freezer paper and staple it. Cut the tip off one of the icing bags. Drop a star tip inside. Push the tip down with your finger. Fill the bag halfway with icing. Twist the top of the bag. Put one hand on the lower part of the bag and the ... more
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