How Do You Make A Bassinet Skirt?

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1 Answer

Sewing a bassinet skirt yourself will save you a lot of money compared with buying one. It is a bit challenging, but if you are comfortable measuring and making your own patterns, you have all the skills you need to sew a bassinet skirt. When you sew a bassinet skirt yourself, you have a wide choice of fabrics colors and styles and you can make it as simple or complicated as your skills and preferences dictate. This article discusses the simplest way to make a gathered bassinet skirt. Measuring the Bassinet Step 1 Remove the mattress from the bassinet. Determine the inside measurements to form the bottom and sides for the bassinet skirt. Measure the length and width of the bassinet bottom. You will have rectangular measurements, but most bassinets have curved ends. An easy way to find the arc of the bassinet corners is to place a piece of paper on top of the curved portions and trace the angle of the curve with a pencil. When the angle becomes a straight line, stop tracing. Cut the ... more
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