How Do You Make A Beaded Cross Necklace?

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1 Answer

A beaded cross necklace is a simple craft that works as a gift for children and adults alike. This beaded cross necklace takes about 15 minutes to complete and lasts for years to come. Make a beaded cross necklace in any color or combination of colors you want. Fold the lacing in half to find the exact middle. Slide one pony bead onto the cord and place it in the middle spot. Pull the two sides of the laces together. Place four pony beads over both of the laces. This makes the base of the cross. Separate the two cords. Slide two beads on each side of the cord. Run the cord through the middle of one bead while it is turned sideways. Repeat this on the other cord. Feed the cord back through the other two beads on both leather strips. Pull both sides of the leather tight. Place three beads on the leather strips with both sides running through the beads. Tie a knot in the leather to hold the cross into place. Tie the two leather laces together at the end to create the necklace. Make sure ... more
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