How Do You Make A Beaded Flower Keychain?

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1 Answer

Many people love to hang their keys from a key chain. Most will buy a key chain to attach their keys to but some will make one. This article will tell you how to make a beaded flower key chain. When you are finished reading this article and finish making your key chain, all your friends will want one too. Draw a simple picture of how you want your flower to look. This can be as simple as a five-petal flower or as complicated as a three-layer flower. This article will tell you how to make a five-petal flower. Gather all the materials needed on a white sheet or white towel covered surface. Lay out the tools and the wire needed. It is better to use more wire than you think you will need than to not have enough when working on an article. Cut five lengths of wire double the length you think you will need. These will serve as your petals. Then cut one length about 4 inches long for the gathering wire. This is what the petals will attach to. Decide what colors you want the petals to be. ... more
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