How Do You Make A Beaded Purse From Pony Beads?

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1 Answer

Pony beads can be used for a lot of fun projects. Making a purse out of them is time-consuming but not particularly difficult. This is a project that anyone can do, and the resulting purse will be quite the conversation piece when you take it out in public. Select the colors of the beads you want to use and figure out the pattern you wish to arrange them in. Simply draw the pattern on a sheet of lined paper. (You can also find patterns by following the link in the Resources section.) You will need a low-gauge wire that is easily bendable for this project. Choose a wire that is either gold or silver in color, as colored wire will likely flake off when woven. Loop the wire around the first bead and lock it into place around that bead. Then proceed to place a long line of beads on the wire. In order to do this, you will need to cut off a length of wire from the coil. The amount of beads is determined by how large you want your purse to be. Add a second row of beads one at a time by ... more
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