How Do You Make A Bean Bag Cube?

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1 Answer

Need a bean bag cube to spice up the room? It is easy and convenient to make. Use it as a comfortable foot rest, or simply as a comfortable chair. It is a great asset to a room where you just want to sit down and read! Fabric Requirements 1 ¼ yards Silky Fleece fabric 1 ¾ yards 45" wide muslin Material Requirements Thread to match fabric Topstitching fabric for muslin cube 1 bag Poly-fil Bean Bag Filler 18" zipper Tools Sewing machine Scissors, ruler and fabric marking pencil Needle and pins Optional: rotary cutter, mat and ruler Sew all seams right sides together using ½" seams allowance. Top-stitch seams on muslin cube only 1. Cut six 20" squares from each silky fleece and muslin. You will be making a muslin beanbag to hold the beanbag filler and a silky fleece cover. 2. Stitch 4 pieces together beginning ½" from top and ending ½" from the bottom. Make sure to match the nap of the fabric on all silky fleece pieces so it smooths from top to bottom. 3. On muslin, finger press seam ... more
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