How Do You Make A Bean Bag Toss Game?

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1 Answer

Bean bag games have become very popular for people of all ages and backgrounds. Similar to horseshoes, teams or individual players compete by throwing or tossing small bean bags at their opponent's board to score the most points. A bean bag toss game can be purchased for less than $100 bucks, but if you are handy, they can also be made fairly easily. Essentially, there are 2 game boards each made of plywood that constitute the targets. These boards are about 24 inches wide and about 36 to 48 inches long. Each game board is angled at a slight forward pitch. This creates a bit of challenge for the bag tosser when trying to keep the bag on the game board. If the bag slides onto the ground, the team will not receive a point toward their goal. "Corn holes" are cut into the top and positioned vertically or positioned strategically across the board. These holes are the targets that the opponent shoots for to try and score points. Holes can range from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. The smaller ... more
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