How Do You Make A Bird Cage Seed Catcher?

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1 Answer

If you have a pet bird, you are likely familiar with just how messy they can be. Even if you clean the bird's area daily, it will still almost immediately mess up the area again. You can buy bird seed catchers that fit on the bottom of your bird's cage, but they are generally not visually appealing and often the birds "squirt" the hulls far beyond the range of the catcher. Make your own bird cage seed catcher that will block the trajectory of the seeds and complement your decor. Step 1 Take measurements for the bird seed catcher. You will need the perimeter of the cage. Once you have this, add 4 inches to get the length of cloth you will need for the catcher. The width will generally be 8 inches, but if you have a particularly large cage or messy bird, you might want to increase this measurement slightly. Step 2 Cut your fabric. Cut a piece of fabric matching the dimensions determined by your measurements. It will be a long rectangle. Step 3 Hem all sides of the fabric by 1 inch. Use ... more
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