How Do You Make A Bitless Bridle?

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1 Answer

Traditional bridles with a bit can cause pain for the horse, exerting pressure with the hard steel in the animal's sensitive mouth. Making your own bitless bridle can resolve this problem and may help the horse's behavior as well. Buckle the first strap. This strap, when it is buckled to form a loop, encircles the horse's muzzle at a circumference of about 18 inches. The buckle will allow you to tighten or loosen the strap slightly, depending on the horse. Stitch the metal ring to the first strap, about 3 inches from the buckle end. This steel ring will sit directly beneath the horse's chin. Thread the 34-inch strap strap through the steel ring, at appropriate length to reach around the back of the horse's head behind the ears, with the buckle positioned to allow easy adjustment. The horse's cheek is the best spot for the buckle, so leave about 8 inches between the ring and the buckle at the end of the strap. Secure this position by stitching the strap together just behind the steel ... more
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