How Do You Make A Blackberry Trellis?

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1 Answer

Thorny blackberry bushes are treacherous to prune, and the sharp thorns make harvesting the berries hazardous to hands and arms. Blackberries trained on a trellis are easier to maintain, look tidier and keep the scratches and scrapes inflicted by the thorns to a minimum. Dig a hole 3 feet deep and big enough in circumference to easily accept the fence post. Dig a second hole 20 feet from this hole. These holes will define the outermost ends of your trellis. Dig out the bottom of each hole with a spade. Make the bottom one foot of the hole about twice the circumference of the top of the hole, creating a bulb shape at the bottom. Pour or shovel a four-inch layer of crushed rock into each hole. Settle and firm the gravel by tamping it down with one of the fence posts. Place one of the posts into the hole. Level the post, checking two adjacent sides of the post. Prop the post in level position using the scrap lumber lengths as supports, nailing them into the post to secure them ... more
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