How Do You Make A Bouffant Surgical Cap?

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Surgical caps are an important item for surgeons, nurses and patients alike. The surgical cap keeps hair tucked away and clean. Traditional surgical caps fit tightly around the head and tie in the back. Bouffant surgical caps are secured with elastic and fit more loosely to accommodate bigger hairstyles. Bouffant surgical caps are simple to make, as long as you have basic sewing skills. Plus, you can personalize your homemade surgical caps with cute fabrics and patterns. Choose the fabric you want to use. White and black fabrics work well since white is easy to clean with bleach and many stains will not show up on black. Cotton is a good fabric because it "breathes" well. Polyester works well because it cleans easily and does not wrinkle. A cotton-polyester blend is ideal. Cut out a circle of fabric that has a circumference of 22 inches. Hem the fabric all the way around, leaving a small opening. Cut a piece of elastic that is long enough to fit around your entire hair line. Thread ... more
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