How Do You Make A Bracelet From Watch Faces?

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1 Answer

You can make a quirky and unique bracelet with a variety of different watch faces, separated by crystal beads. This project is perfect for a beginning jewelry maker, as all you need to know how to do is tie an overhand knot to complete the design. You can find a selection of watch faces at your local craft store, or you can disassemble watch faces from old watches you can find at thrift stores or your grandmother's jewelry box. Measure the distance around your wrist. Arrange the watch faces side by side in a row. Separate each watch face with as many crystal beads as you'd like. Measure the length of your design to determine if it will fit around your wrist. Cut two 5-inch sections of elastic beading cord. This is more than you'll need to join the watch faces together, but the extra will come in handy when you make the knots. Most watch faces have two hooks on either side, but if yours only has one, you only need one strand of cording. If you're joining a watch face with one hook to ... more
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