How Do You Make A Brochure On Wordpad?

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1 Answer

WordPad is a simple text editor application that comes with Windows. It is limited to simple formatting and does not offer the full-featured type of word processing that a program like Microsoft Word allows. However, if this is your only option, or if you are overwhelmed by the number of features in more complicated programs, you can make a brochure using WordPad. Write the text for your brochure. You can write it in WordPad if you are comfortable writing using a computer. Don't worry about the formatting. Just write the copy, making sure to hit "Enter" at the end of every paragraph, even if it's just a one-line headline or subhead. Once you are done, reread and edit your words. You want relatively short paragraphs, maybe lists or bullet points. Add subheads to break up the text and help the reader scan it quickly. The text should begin with a headline that grabs the reader, showing them a need they have that your product or business can solve or address. Then the text should tell ... more
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