How Do You Make A Candy Lei Necklace?

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1 Answer

Leis are a Hawaiian tradition and are usually given out at special occasions, such as graduations. Although traditional flower leis are a beautiful gift, candy lei necklaces are a great alternative. Candy leis have many advantages over flower leis. They're less expensive, less formal and more enjoyable for young children. Plus, they're more versatile than flower leis since they can be given as treats for Halloween or other such occasions. Most importantly, candy lei necklaces are so easy to make that children of all ages can join in the fun. Cut a piece of plastic wrap that is 36 inches long and 4 inches wide. Lay the plastic wrap flat on a table. Place candies in a row all down the length of the plastic wrap, spacing them about 1 inch apart. Bring the sides of the plastic wrap over the candy to create a sort of tube. Make sure to overlap the sides so that the candy doesn't fall out. Candy may be wrapped or unwrapped, any size, and all the same, or a variety of different candies. Tie ... more
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