How Do You Make A Cardboard Cello?

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1 Answer

Cardboard has got to be one of the most versatile yet common products out there. You can make just about any craft that you please out of this fun and durable material. If you have an aspiring instrumentalist in the house, then they will love playing with this innovative cardboard cello. Duct tape your box closed on all sides. Hold the edges tightly together and then overlap the duct tape so that it holds both sides securely shut. Cut out the center top of the box so that you can insert the 4-foot piece of wood into the top and have it come out of the bottom. Your cuts should be right next to one of the sides of the box so that when you insert the board, it will lie lengthwise along the inside of the box. You can just cut a slit that is the length of the width of the board at the center of the bottom and the top of the box, then push the board through. Attach the board, which is the backbone of the cardboard cello. Most of the board will extend out of the "top" of the cello, but you ... more
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