How Do You Make A Cardboard Igloo?

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1 Answer

Build a fun project the whole family can get involved in. It is inexpensive project that you can invest your time in. It can teach your children to participate in groups activity in school play projects or have fun in the backyard. Use newspaper to cut out a paper template. The top of the igloo will be made into a honey comb formation. The size of the Igloo my varies depending on the height, widths of the squares, triangles, and hexagon used. Draw a squares, triangles and hexagon on a paper cut out with scissor. The hexogen pattern is the center of each honey comb formation made. Make several set of hexagon patterns. Trace the paper cut out on the cardboard to cut out shapes. Cut the cardboard boxes down the four seams. It is best to use large storage boxes. Use a carpet knife to cut out the shapes out of the more
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