How Do You Make A Cardboard Windmill?

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1 Answer

Children can be fascinated by cardboard windmills. Watching the paper windmill rotate and spin is not only enjoyable, the process can be educational if you talk about how real windmills work in conjunction with how a play windmill moves. Not only is a cardboard enjoyable to play with, it can be an interesting art project as well. Learn how to make a cardboard windmill and entertain your children with this project. Fold the square of paper in half from corner to corner diagonally. Fold it in half diagonally again to create a triangle shape. Unfold the paper and smooth it flat. Mark a point approximately two inches from the outside edge along each fold line. Decorate the paper square with the markers to make it colorful. Cut along the fold lines with the scissors to the marks made in step 2. Fold every other corner down to reach the middle point of the square and overlap by a tiny bit. Crease the fold lines so the folded paper points stay folded. Poke the point of the pencil through ... more
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