How Do You Make A Cheap Hamster Cage?

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Although hamsters are a popular and inexpensive pet for children, the price of cages and accessories can quickly take their toll on the checkbook. Decorative hamster cages in multiple colors with add-on features can cost several times more than the pet itself. Creating a cheap hamster cage from items you already have around the house is possible, and simple. Add a few key pet accessories, and you're on your way to a custom hamster palace at a fraction of the cost of a store bought hamster cage. Find a large plastic or rubber storage tote. Choose a tote with at least a 12 inch depth. Wash the tote with one part bleach to 20 parts hot water. Rinse thoroughly and dry well. Inspect the tote for any holes or weak spots. Only choose solid, sturdy totes for the base of your hamster cage. Make a wire mesh lid for the hamster cage. Measure the top opening of the tote. Cut a piece of chicken wire or fine wire mesh material the same size as the tote opening. Measure the length and width of the ... more
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