How Do You Make A Cheerleading Spirit Stick?

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1 Answer

Cheerleading spirit sticks are a rousing way to get the crowd involved during a pep rally or athletic event. While professionally made spirit sticks are available in most cheerleading supply catalogs, they can be expensive. Creating a disposable spirit stick, which can be thrown into the crowd or presented to a winning spectator, is not only easy but also inexpensive and a fun activity for the cheerleading team. Cheerleading spirit sticks are so simple to make, even youth cheerleading squads can partake in this creative cheerleading activity. How to Make a Cheerleading Spirit Stick Step 1 Paint the paper towel roll with a base coat of poster paint. Stand the paper towel roll on a paper towel on a paper or trash bag. Step 2 Allow the paint to dry for at least an hour. Do not use spray paint on the paper towel roll; it will cause the cardboard material to degrade. Step 3 Add a second coat of paint to the paper towel roll if desired. The design of the cheerleading spirit stick is ... more
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