How Do You Make A Chiffon Shawl?

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1 Answer

If you take a moment to peer closely at chiffon, you'll notice how tightly knotted and twisted the woven threads look. This tiny weave is multiplied with silk or synthetic material, which ultimately creates the sheer, light quality of this beautiful fabric. Chiffon gives a touch of elegance to formal wear, such as ballroom gowns and fashionable skirts. Making a shawl yourself will look just as nice as one from a store. Shop for your chiffon at a fabric store. Factor in what garment you want this material to complement. Choose a color that will go well with your awaiting outfit. White usually looks nice with most colors. You'll need to select the type of chiffon to use, such as silk chiffon or poly-chiffon. You'll need 1 square yard. Fold the fabric completely in half lengthwise. Use fabric sheers to carefully cut along the long inside fold. Put two ends of the two separate pieces together width-wise, so that the edges match up perfectly. Pin the pieces together carefully, making sure ... more
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