How Do You Make A Child's Easter Bonnet?

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1 Answer

Easter bonnets have been a popular spring tradition since the 18th century. Create a unique Easter bonnet for your little girl using flowers, ribbon, lace - even tiny stuffed animals! Easter Wreath Step 1 Try your hand at creating the "original" Easter bonnet - a wreath of fresh or silk flowers worn atop the child's head. Step 2 Assemble wire cutters, 18-gauge floral wire, green or white floral tape and flowers of your choice. Step 3 Loop floral wire around the child's head. Position the wire slightly below where you want the wreath to sit. Step 4 Use wire cutters to cut the wire to the appropriate length. Step 5 Make a circle out of the length of wire and wrap it with the floral tape. Make sure that the joined ends are securely wrapped. Step 6 Attach flowers or clusters of flowers to the circle one at a time, by taping the stems to the wrapped wire. Easter Bonnet Step 1 Use a purchased hat - straw or fabric - for an Easter bonnet. Step 2 Attach a length of wide silk ribbon or lace ... more
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