How Do You Make A Christmas Nativity Scene Barn Stable?

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1 Answer

Nativity scenes are great for Christmas display, and there are many of us who have the scene figurines and no barn or stable. The lean-to stable barn or shed is the part that is most commonly missing. You can make your own stable or shed to complete your nativity scene. This is easy and basic, and can be revised to be fancy if you want. Pull the box open. Open the bottom of the cardboard box. Do not cut it. Pull the box apart at the bottom like you would be opening it. Cut the diagonals. Cut the diagonal sides open so you now have two pieces of the box. Assemble the stable or barn. Place one piece over the other so that the short side overlaps. Trim the top. Leave the flap at the front for the exterior "flooring." Cut the top front flaps off. Make a decision about the back flaps. Decide whether you want to keep the back flaps or not. You may extend the depth of the nativity barn or stable shed with the use of the back flaps, or you may choose to cut them off. Tape the barn in shape. ... more
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