How Do You Make A Clubhouse Out Of Cardboard Boxes?

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1 Answer

Large cardboard boxes provide kids with hours of creative entertainment. A clubhouse opens a new world of play and imagination. Building their own clubhouse adds to the kids' fun. While it's possible to go over the top in building clubhouses, the classic cardboard clubhouse offers the satisfaction of a straightforward do-it-yourself project. With basic household materials and some adult assistance, kids can construct a clubhouse to fit their needs. This inexpensive craft project allows kids to build and design their own play space. Put all the boxes in the yard or room where the clubhouse will go. Give the kids a chance to decide how they want to arrange the boxes for their clubhouse. For tall kids, placing refrigerator boxes upright gives more room. Some kids prefer to put the boxes end to end for a tunnel. Allow the kids to experiment with placing the boxes in different positions. Open the flaps on the ends of the cardboard boxes for a tunnel clubhouse. Put the boxes end to end in ... more
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