How Do You Make A Coffee-Mate Snowman Craft?

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1 Answer

Snowmen are not only Christmas decorations, they are a decoration to keep around all winter long! This is an easy and inexpensive Snowman Craft made out of an empty Coffee-mate plastic bottom. This is a great craft to do with children! This is a delightful craft for teachers to do with children ages five to seven years old or a fun snowman project for parents to do at home with their children. Remove the Coffee-mate label from the white plastic creamer bottle. Cut at least five or six tiny black pieces of felt into square shapes. Glue these black square pieces onto the face of your Coffee-mate bottle. This will be your snowman's mouth. Cut a small, long triangle shape out of the orange piece of felt and glue this above the snowman's smile. Cut two medium size pieces of black felt into square shapes. Glue the eyes slightly above the orange triangle nose on the snowman's face. Take your red piece of felt and cut out a scarf to glue onto the snowman. The scarf can be cut as long as 11" ... more
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