How Do You Make A Conch Shell Horn?

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1 Answer

If you visit the Caribbean, you might wonder if a tornado is imminent as mournful wails pierce the tranquil sunset. In fact, it's a tradition to herald the end of the day by blowing a conch shell horn. With a few simple tools and a large amount of elbow grease, you can make your own conch shell horn. Choose the shell of a large conch, at least 7 inches in length or greater for the best sound quality. Several conch species make suitable horns, but the anatomy of Cassis cornuta yields a hearty noise. Wash the shell in warm, sudsy water. When all traces of the original inhabitant are gone, soak the shell in 10 to 1 solution of water to bleach overnight to sanitize the shell. Saw off the pointed tip of the shell with a hacksaw. You must create a dime-sized hole, but no specific sawing depth yields this perfect hole every time. Err on the lesser side, as you cannot replace that which you remove. Open up the passage beneath the hole with a drill. You must drill through the spiral structure ... more
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