How Do You Make A Cone Out Of Construction Paper?

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1 Answer

Making a cone out of construction paper is easy! Once you learn, you'll be able to make ice cream cones, clown hats, Christmas trees, and all sorts of things! Take out your paper, and place it on a flat surface. (If one side of the paper is different from the other, you'll want to put the wrong side up.) Take out your tracing instrument and draw a circle on your paper. The larger the circle, the bigger your cone will be (either taller or wider). If you don't have a protractor, you might use a soup can, coffee can, or round garbage can. Cut out your circle. Pinpoint the center of the circle using the ruler, and make a dot there. Cut a straight line from any point on the edge of the circle to the center dot. This cut is the radius of the circle. Take the two flaps along the radius cut and fold one over the other. As you increase the overlap, the cone should start to take shape. The more these flaps overlap, the taller and skinnier the cone will become. When you've found your preferred ... more
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