How Do You Make A Cotton Ball Igloo?

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1 Answer

Building an igloo can be time-consuming and exhausting. It can save your life if you need shelter from the cold and wind. However, some do not have the time to build their own igloo and others do not have the necessary snow. There are ways to make an igloo without snow, on a smaller scale. A cotton ball igloo is simple to make and is a cute holiday decoration that can be made by adults and children alike. Method One Step 1 Cut a 3-inch Styrofoam ball in half using a serrated bread knife to make a dome. Save the second half for an additional igloo or throw it away. Step 2 Attach cotton balls all over the dome using craft glue. Do not attach any balls to the flat bottom. Step 3 Make a tunnel entrance to your igloo. Cut a cotton ball in half using scissors. Glue one half to the bottom layer of cotton balls. Build an arch around it with whole cotton balls. Method Two Step 1 Line a paper plate with cotton batting. Cut the batting to the size and shape of the plate and attach it with craft ... more
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