How Do You Make A Cowboy Hat With Paper?

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1 Answer

You may think that paper crafts are only for children; after all, a paper hat would never come close to looking like the real thing, right? Wrong. This paper cowboy hat will fool the best of them, and it's surprisingly easy to make. With just a few pieces of newspaper, some masking tape and a little paint, you'll have a cowboy hat to be proud of. Put 3 pieces of newspaper over your head. Have someone press down the edges over the sides of your head. Have them put masking tape over the newspaper around your head; the tape should be in a circle from your lower forehead, just over your ears, and around to the back of your head. Repeat Step 2 so that there are two layers of masking tape. Remove the hat base from your head. Use the edge of your hand to press on the top of the hat to form the cowboy hat's crease. Roll the longer edges of newspaper on the sides of the hat, towards the middle, and hold it there with a strip of masking tape. Next, roll the shorter edges towards the middle and ... more
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