How Do You Make A Cross With Seed Beads?

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1 Answer

Seed beads are very small glass beads that are popular in loom work, jewelry making and cross-stitch. Today most quality seed beads are made in Japan or the Czech Republic. Lower-quality seed beads are made in India, China or Taiwan. These low-quality beads are dyed and may transfer their color onto your skin or clothing. Many jewelry makers thread the beads onto wire so that they can easily create shapes. This process can be adopted to make a cross out of seed beads. Cut off 14 inches of wire to make a small cross. To make a larger cross, cut off 20 or more inches. Bend up one end of the wire so that you can string the beads from the other end without them falling off. String the beads onto the wire until 6 inches of wire is covered. Form the cross by straightening the wire vertically in front of you. When you get about 2 inches up, turn the wire 90 degrees to your left for about 1 inch. Bend the wire up again for ½ inch. Bend the wire horizontally to the right for 1 inch. Bend the ... more
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