How Do You Make A Decorative Wooden Mosaic Cross?

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1 Answer

Decorate an unfinished wood cross with assorted bits of broken tile, colored glass pieces, sea shells or china. From bookmark-size crosses to large ones that can stand alone, these mosaic projects are one-of-a-kind works of art. Children, adults and groups will enjoy spending a few hours crafting these crosses that can be given as gifts or displayed on a wall, in gardens or as centerpieces for a holiday dinner. They can also be made as treasures to sell at a fundraising event. Lay paper towels on a work table outdoors or in a well-ventilated area (to avoid breathing fumes from mosaic adhesive). Put unfinished wood cross on the work table. Place an assortment of glass pieces and embellishments such as buttons, jewelry pieces, beads, charms or rhinestones on the table. Pick through them and choose pieces that you want to use for your mosaic project that will fit within the flat space of your cross for decorating. For example, if your wood cross is small, choose small pieces. If your ... more
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