How Do You Make A Dell XPS Recovery Bootable Disk Recovery Partition?

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1 Answer

A recovery partition exists on the hard drive of each Dell XPS model computer. Its job is to restore your XPS back to its factory condition in the event the computer suffers a major failure or is infected with a virus that isn't worth the effort to remove. Besides being able to restore the computer, the recovery partition also includes an option for making your own bootable recovery discs on a rewritable CD or DVD. Place a rewritable disc in your Dell XPS computer's CD or DVD burning drive. Exit the "AutoPlay" prompt, if it appears, without choosing any of the options in the window. Open the Dell XPS "Start" menu and choose the "All Programs" folder. Navigate to the "Dell DataSafe" folder and click the "Dell DataSafe Local Backup" option. Click the option in the Dell DataSafe window labeled "Create Recovery Discs." Scroll through the list of options, and click the "Create My Recover Disc Now" radio button. Click the "Next" button. Click the option for your CD or DVD burning drive and ... more
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